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Martin Quick Disconnect Idler Bushing, High Carbon Steel, Inch


Martin Quick Disconnect Idler Bushing, High Carbon Steel, Inch

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Brand: Martin


This Martin quick disconnect idler bushing is made of high carbon steel for strength and resistance to wear. Idler bushings have ball bearings and attach to sheaves or sprockets to create free spinning idlers for adjusting the tension of belt drives. The idler bushing has two permanently lubricated ball bearings that require no maintenance. It works with stock V-belt drives, sheaves, sprockets, timing belt pulleys, and other components that fit quick disconnect bushings. Drive components can be removed without dismounting the bushing. This steel idler bushing has an operating temperature range of -48 to 248 degrees F (-44 to 120 degrees C), and is used for tensioning belt drives, which are found in automobiles and various industrial power transmission applications.

Plain bearings provide low-friction sliding contact for relative motion between parts of a machine. They are the simplest type of bearing, with no rolling elements, and there are three basic types of plain bearings: radial plain bearings (also called sleeve bearings or bushings) to support rotating or reciprocating shafts, thrust bearings (also called washers) to support axial loads on shafts, and linear bearings to support and guide the motion of parts in a straight line. Flanged sleeve bearings have a flange on one end to support axial loads. Spherical plain bearings are radial bearings that allow for angular misalignment of the shaft. Plain bearings are made from durable, low-friction materials such as sintered or cast bronze alloys, plastic, or a combination of a metal shell and a plastic bearing surface. They can be lubricated externally or by a lubricant embedded in the bearing material. Plain bearings are used in automobiles, construction and mining equipment, textile manufacturing equipment, and robotics, among others.

Martin Sprocket & Gear manufactures power transmission and conveying products. The company was founded in 1951 and is headquartered in Arlington, T


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Thank you Bearing Supply for your donation to St Catherine's Spirit Fest 2017! Your support was greatly appreciated along with your service to our community.

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Not only did the owner go above and beyond what was expected tho fix our chainsaw on a saturday, it was the unexpectedly inexpensive! Will definitely go back!

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